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Residential Garden Design Process

Step 1 - Initial consultation -

Fee: $180 including GST

We start every project with a 1 hour initial consultation onsite. Meeting onsite is crucial as it allows us to assess your existing garden, determine which plants or elements you would like to retain, note any keys views or vistas and other key site opportunities and constraints the will inform the design. We will also ask lots of questions to develop a brief for your garden. If you have ideas or a Pinterest board now is a good time to talk through your thoughts. After we meet we will provide you with an itemised fee proposal and return brief for your garden design.

Step 2 - Landscape Concept Plan

A landscape concept plan locates shrub beds, paving, hard elements, key trees and accent lighting. A materials and planting palette is developed at this stage to ensure the garden feel aligns with the initial clients brief. A meeting to review the design and one set of changes is included in this stage before proceeding to detailed design. This stage is not always required. This is something that can be discussed at the initial consultation.

Concept Plan Example_edited.jpg

Step 3 - Detailed Landscape Plan

Detailed landscape plans are the next step in the process. This develops the design to a point where contractors can price and construct the garden design. These plans include all of the proposed materials, plants (a table is included the includes all of the proposed plants, proposed pot sizes and total numbers) and landscape details for construction.  A meeting to review the design and one set of changes is included in this stage before issuing final plans.   


Step 4 - Tendering and Construction

We can assist with the tending process. We can prepare a bill of quantities to be used in conjunction with the detailed design drawings. These documents are issued to contractors to assist them in preparing a quote for your landscape construction. We can then assist in providing advice on selecting a contractor for your project. 

During construction we can provide onsite advice. 

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